Children's Wonder

“See the world through the eyes of your inner child.
The eyes that sparkle in awe and amazement as they see love, magic and mystery in the most ordinary things.”

Henna Sohail

"A Child's Heart and a Grown-up's Head"

The task of growing up consists not merely in the acquiring of the things that make one fit for adult life, but also in retaining the things that are most essential to the way a child views the world. Maturity is a fullness that is the blossoming of the wonder and awe that are native to childhood, not the squashing of them.

These courses aim to foster the deep, meaningful engagement with self and world that are necessary for a child to develop character that is both hardy and kind, courageous and compassionate, while at the same time nurturing, shaping, and strengthening the joy in imagination that is the birthright of the young, and perhaps humanity's greatest treasure. These studies will help your child to adulthood without robbing them of their childhood in the process.

So take a look: whether soaring in the skies with dragons, exploring the farthest reaches of Narnia, or untangling the moral quandaries of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, your child will eagerly look forward to these classes, and regale you at length about their joys afterward.

Fairy Shell


In these age specific classes students develop reading comprehension skills and nurture the love of reading while confronting deep questions about human existence.

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Narnia map

Introduction to the World of Narnia

This course is a deep dive into C.S. Lewis' fictional Narnia setting, considering its geography, magic, and peoples.

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Girl Wonder

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Fairies: Behind the Veil & Once Upon a Time

Your child will face the trials and adventures of fairyland in books that highlight mystery and challenge the claim that the world is an ordinary place. This is a journey to strengthen the heart.

June 7 - 26, 2022 (ages 12-18) and June 9 - 28, 2022 (ages 8 - 12)

Tuition: $500 / student

Meets weekly for 8 weeks

Fairy Shell
Dragon Child

Here Be Dragons

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Tuition: $500 / student

Meets weekly for 8 weeks

Introduction to the World of Narnia

This class will introduce students to the geography, history, characters, and magic of C.S. Lewis' fictional world of Narnia.

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Tuition: $100 / student

Meets daily 4 times

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Narnia Lamp Post

The World of Narnia

In this course, your child will read all seven books of The Chronicles of Narnia, at  a pace of 2 weeks per book. They will delight in the adventures of the children from our world fortunate enough to be called to Narnia, and will ponder the lessons Aslan teaches along the way.

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Tuition $600 / student

Meets weekly for 14 weeks


More About Our Classes

Primary Texts

Our courses will introduce your child to books both classic and contemporary or singular excellence. These books have either stood the test of time, or have the characteristics of the great classics. Your child's next favorite book or author awaits!

Small Class Sizes

A small teacher-student ratio means that your child will get individualized attention and that there will always be room for their voice in the discussion.

Empowering Your Child's Voice and Imagination

Class discussion focus on drawing your child into the story, identifying with the character's point of view, and understanding their challenges from within. In this way your child's moral and cultural imagination is expanded. At the same time, this act of sympathetic reading creates space for your child's own voice and point of view.

Synchronous Instruction

Classes are taught live, and there is ample opportunity to ask questions about things that are confusing or unclear.

Video Make-up

Classes are recorded, so if a student has to miss a session for a schedule conflict or outside need, he or she can watch the video to get caught up.


You will find our class prices aggressively competitive with comparable instruction. And because we know that even these prices are not accessible to all, we also offer payment arrangements and financial aid.

Generous Refund Policy

Sometimes in life, things change. We've got you covered with a refund policy that offers you a full refund through the end of the first class, and a tiered structure after that, so that you register with confidence.

Fun and Respectful Classroom

We inject humor into our classes, modeling the fact that learning is fun. And yet, this is never at the expense of anyone, and your child's voice and sense of worth will be protected and nurtured at all times.

Experienced Instruction

Dr. Johnson has taught for over 20 years in a variety of settings, from public schools to Ivy League universities.  He brings years of thinking about the craft of teaching and the deft touch of a practiced hand to every class he teaches.

Elite Qualifications

Dr. Johnson has published 4 books and numerous scholarly and popular articles, received 4 master's degrees and a PhD from Yale, and lectured around the country in top universities and at various conferences. His work is recognized for its scholarly rigor and deep insight, and he is known to be a dynamic and engaging speaker.


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