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Where Wonder Meets Rigor

For over 20 years I have taught Latin, theology, literature, and philosophy in classrooms ranging from 2nd grade through graduate school. Now I am making that innovative, field-leading content available to you at home via live seminars taught over Zoom. In Latinitas, you will find classes for kids and adults focused on developing your understanding of and fluency in the Latin language. Literary and Theological Studies presents courses designed to help adults probe the questions of meaning that lie at the heart of the way we live and think. Children’s Wonder will introduce you to courses that foster an attitude of wonder and discovery in younger students, covering literature, music, mythology, and more. Explore a deeper engagement with the marvelous world we live in by diving into one of the areas below!

Learning Realms



Beginning and advanced Latin instruction for all ages, both supplemental and fundamental


Literary and Theological Studies


Courses for adults grounded in the imagination and transcendence


Children's Wonder


Courses for children exploring the power of story and the importance of character and wonder in life


Featured Courses

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Why us?

Elite Scholarly Experience

Author of four books and recipient of four masters degrees and a PhD from Yale, Dr. Junius Johnson's research has been studied and incorporated around the world.

20+ Years Teaching Experience

Dr. Johnson has taught all ages, in all settings: public school, classical school, university, and seminary.

Unprecedented Access

Small classes sizes and synchronous teaching means you always have access to ask your questions and discuss your ideas.