Further Up and Further In

Did you ever feel your way to the back of a closet, hoping to find that there was no back, that suddenly you were feeling not the smooth softness of clothes against your face, but the rough pricks of branches, hearing the crunch of snow under your feet, and, off in the distance, seeing the dim light of a lantern alone in the woods? Have you ever stared at a painting hoping to get sucked into it, or longed to open any door at all in our world and find yourself in any world but ours?

This is what The Chronicles of Narnia offer. Whether you just want to explore the setting of Narnia or you're ready to set off on the journey through its complete history from creation to apocalypse, and whether this is your first of tenth time through Narnia, these courses are for you.

Each course is offered for two different age groups: ages 8-14, and adults (including high school students). Join me on this journey, and I promise to show you hidden depths in these books that will only increase your love of them.

So what are you waiting for? Aslan is on the move, and Narnia beckons.

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In this 4 week course we focus on the world-building that makes up the Narnian setting. We will consider Narnia's geography, denizens, magic, and history.

Tumnus and Lucy

Ready to embark on your next reading of the entire series, accompanied by others who love it, and led by a scholar uniquely equipped to follow the more subtle bread crumbs Lewis laid down? This course will deepen your love of the series, and summon you to the challenge of living as like a Narnian as you can.

  • Participating in a course led by Dr. Junius Johnson is a wonderful journey of exploration, seeking hidden gems in unexpected places. It is an opportunity to learn to look deeper than the surface, both in reading and in the mundane of life. A delightful feast for the mind that lasts far beyond the actual banquet.

  • Junius Johnson's seminars discover wonder and pathos revealed in dragon stories down through the ages.

  • Every time I hear Junius Johnson speak, I walk away asking: "Did I forget how exciting and joyful the life of the mind can be?”

  • A deep perspective on the human need for wonder, and the essential desire for things powerful and uncontrollable.

  • Why do you suppose dragons have possessed the imagination of writers and readers for most of our recorded history. Junius Johnson has come away from the dragons hoard with a few secrets to share. I found his treatment personally encouraging and a call to pick up my lance (or my pen), and join in the battle.