A Theological Golden Age

The Middle Ages were a time of radical cultural innovation and advancement. Nowhere was this more clear than in the field of theology. More time was given to reflecting on and explaining the mysteries of the Christian faith in this time period than in any other.

Building on the material inherited from the first 5 centuries of the Church, Medieval Christians often approached theological questions with both a depth of curiosity and rigorous philosophical inquiry. Indeed, it is in many ways from them that I learned to marry wonder and rigor.

This 8 week course will introduce you to major thinkers and innovations of the Middle Ages across a variety of core topics. Each session will feature both an overview of a theological topic in the period and a deep dive into a particular author whose contributions in that area are especially noteworthy (see the calendar below for more details).

The heritage of Medieval theology is not the inheritance of the Catholic church only, but of all Christians. These writers were widely read and cited with approval by Protestants like Luther and Calvin, and set the terms for all subsequent theological reflection in the West. Dive in now to uncover new dimensions of the one faith delivered to the apostles.

Saturdays, 9:00-11:00 am CT (daylight savings will be observed)
February 10 - March 30, 2024

$400 / student
included in the membership package

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Medieval theology


Week One: Introduction to Atonement
Week Two: Anselm of Canterbury on Atonement; introduction to Christology
Week Three: Thomas Aquinas on Christology; introduction to sacraments
Week Four: Hugh of Saint-Victor on sacraments; introduction to liturgy
Week Five: Pope Innocent III on liturgy; introduction to doctrine of creation
Week Six: Bonaventure on creation; introduction to grace
Week Seven: Peter Lombard on grace; intoduction to Trinity
Week Eight: Thomas Aquinas on Trinity; final discussion.

  • Dr. Johnson uniquely combines his analytic thinking with his vast theological knowledge and his love for wonder and imagination to expand our view of reality and what is possible.

  • Dr. Johnson’s 12-week online course “The Wisdom of Possibility: the Practice of Thinking Through the Imagination” offers up a virtual gourmet buffet for any person hungry to explore a deeply Christian and highly intelligent theological treatment of the creative impulse so central to human experience. Small class size, accessible readings, and robust interaction under Johnson’s keen grasp of the critical issues at stake together offer up a deeply satisfying immersion into the world of wondering about the world. For the price and the substance, there is no better value on the continuing-ed market.

  • I thoroughly enjoyed this investigation into the Christian imagination! As an active musician and teacher, I have wondered about how the imagination works, how the mind uses both reason and imagination in concert to solve problems and invent new ideas. Junius took us deeply into these subjects, helping us discover philosophical truths, logical connections, and practical applications. I cannot “imagine” a more thoughtful and masterful teacher than Junius and would highly recommend this class. The readings were interesting and do-able, the discussions fascinating, and the content truly formative.

  • I was already deeply into writing a trilogy of science fiction novels when I heard about Wisdom and Imagination. So, I was a little hesitant to detour. But, following the Lord’s prompting, I registered. I am ever so glad I obeyed! Junius Johnson’s genius in weaving together science, the arts and music has inspired me to even greater creativity. And his sound theological perspective has challenged me to expand my universe. I highly recommend this course to anyone desiring to bring our Creator’s creativity into their life, work and service.