Understanding the Translation of Scripture

It is a strange thing to only or primarily have access to your holy text through translations. It raises a lot of questions: how accurate is this translation? Does it have an agenda? Is the text read in translation the inspired text, or just a witness to the inspired text? How much more clear would theology be if you were only reading in Hebrew and Greek?

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about Bible translation (and translation in general) out there, and a lot of strong feelings. In this session, I put on my hat as an experienced translator and a reader of the Bible in its original languages to lay bare what the issues are with Bible translation, and what we should and should not expect of our translations. Among other things, we will talk about:

  • The nature of translation in general
  • What it means that God speaks in human language (even Hebrew and Greek)
  • What translation can and cannot settle
  • Whether there is one best translation

This session is a must for anyone struggling with questions of translation and authority, and will help every Christian arrive at a more settled peace about his or her relation to the sacred text.

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