Empowering your Child's Study

What would it take to empower your child’s study of Latin? For you to be able to confidently offer advice and encouragement as a parent, and to have resources to send them to when they need help getting unstuck?

The study of Latin isn’t like the study of math or literature. It isn’t even very much like the study of French or Spanish. In fact, that may be precisely why your child is studying Latin: because, as an ancient inflected language, it brings dynamics into play that one doesn’t get with easier modern languages.

That means that the study itself is worth some attention, so that we can determine what aspects will be important for success. How important is vocabulary compared to charts of verb forms? How important are the other grammar points, like the uses of the cases? Sure, it’s all important, but which ones need more attention, and does that change over the course of learning the language? Where does one go to find the answers?

In this session I want to lay out what the elements of Latin are, make some suggestions about their relative importance, and help you to understand the obstacles your child will face as they progress in their study of Latin. I will tell you how to find help when you need it, and help you to move from being supportive of their Latin study to being helpful to it. Finally, and importantly, I will answer whatever questions you have about study methods, content, pedagogical alternatives, etc.: whatever is on your mind.

This free session will be taught live over Zoom, and the recording will be made available to all who register.

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Free, registration required

  • Junius Johnson loves Latin and has an engaging way of presenting it to his students.

  • With humor, intelligent discussion, and deep insights, Junius Johnson gives you more than an overview or introduction to Latin, he inspires you to keep learning hard things while giving you a vision and much fuller picture of Latin.

  • Junius has such a robust understanding of the language, and his passion is contagious. His approach invites parents, educators, and students to re-imagine how they think about Latin, moving from merely transactional to experiential. He’s also not afraid to address many of the “why” questions that all too often go unanswered. Highly recommend!

  • Simply put, Junius Johnson is the best Latin teacher I have ever experienced in my many years of supervising education. He is a true scholar of the Latin language from the classical period to the neo-Latin present; he has success teaching every age and skill level. Junius is compassionate with those who are less gifted than he, but still manages to stretch his students in a friendly and inviting manner. I wholeheartedly recommend him to you as your teacher. Trust me, the encounter will be memorable.